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- Wordpress 3.6 or later;
- PHP 5.3 or later;

Getting Started


After you purchased HAZE from Themeforest you have to go to Downloads panel and download the .zip archive containing the Wordpress installation file.

If you read this documentation, you probably downloaded the archive already.


There are 2 ways to install the theme:

  • with Wordpress theme installer;
  • by FTP;

  1. with Wordpress theme installer

  2. Go to Appearance->Themes from your WP Dashboard and press Add New button.

    Then go to Upload tab, browse for Haze .zip archive, select it and hit Install Now. After install is finished, activate the theme.

    After you finish the activation of the theme, you will be noticed to install some plugins. Hit Begin installing plugins and install & activate all of them.

    That's it! Now you have the theme installed.

  3. by FTP

  4. With FTP, the only difference is the uploading system. You have to access with some FTP client your server and the installation of the WP. Then go to wp-content/themes/ and upload the .zip theme. After you finished the uploading, go and unzip it.

    After you complete this, you have to go to Appearances->Themes and activate the theme and its plugins.

Theme Options

The theme options are located under HAZE Options tab from WP sidebar menu. Below you have every tab-option explained.


Name Type Description
Logo Text The logo text you want to display.
Tracking code Javascript Insert here the google analytics code or other javascript code.
CSS code CSS Insert here css code.


Name Type Description
Primary Color Color Select the primary color for your website.
Secondary Color Color Select the secondary color for your website.
Primary Dark Color Color Select the primary dark color for your website.
Secondary Dark Color Color Select the secondary dark color for your website.


Name Type Description
Footer Heading Text Text This will be the main text on the footer.
Footer Telephone Number Text/HTML The telephone number on the footer.
Footer Address Text/HTML The address on the footer.
Website Footer Left Copyright Text/HTML The footer left copyright text.
Website Footer Right Copyright Text/HTML The footer right copyright text.

Social Integration

Name Type Description
Add/Remove Social Icons Text/HTML Use this box to display the social icons from the header & footer. Use the default shortcodes.

Post Options

There are few options on the posts you need to know. They are all very self-explainive and easy to use.

Post Formats

  • Video

  • For the Video post format, you have to add a featured image for the post, and on the featured image specify a Video URL that could be from Youtube or Video.

  • Audio

  • For the Audio post format, you have to add a featured image for the post, and on the featured image specify a url in the Video URL field that could be from Soundcloud.

Visual Composer

Visual Composer takes a big part of the Haze theme. Let's see some interesting things you may need to know.

  1. IMPORTANT: First step on creating a page with Visual Composer.

  2. To create a new page with Visual Composer, you will need, first of all, to select a special template we've created. This way you'll have a fullwidth page and you can start do the magic. Check the image below:

  3. How to select a container type (for pages or even posts).

  4. First of all, let's create a new page. Hit the Visual Composer blue button, and add a new row. You should be there:

    Hit the Edit botton pointed by the red arrow in the image above.

    Let's take all options one by one:
    • Section ID - this will be the ID you will call from the menu so you can get to the right section.
    • Container Style - has 4 options : Default, Parallax, Fixed image background and Fullwidth. Each of them will help you create the pages you'll love.
    • Background Color Scheme - this is the background colors you're default container will use. Not available for parallax or fixed image background.
    • Take padding half size - this option will reduce your section padding on a half. This option is perfect for very small sections.

    Save it and then add some content on it :). Enjoy!

  5. Columns CSS3 effects

  6. If you want to add some effects on the elements from Visual Composer you have to use the columns options. For example :

    After you've hit the button this window will show up:

    Some elements from Visual Composer have their own effects settings so you won't need to add this column effect too. See blog or portfolio for example.

  7. Video Tutorials

  8. Coming soon...

Custom Post Types

Haze uses some custom-post types to organize data. These are:
  • Portfolios

  • With portfolio you are able to add and present your products and work. There are few settings on the portfolio page :

    It is, indeed very simple to use them and create nice protfolio pages.

  • Employees

  • With employees you are able to add your employees/partners and sort them in teams. After this, you can display teams or single employees with Visual Composer in any page or post.

  • Testimonials

  • With testimonials you can add them and sort by categories. After that, use Visual Composer shortcode of Testimonials and display a category you want.


The haze menu is the same as every wordpress menu. The only difference is that for the one page purpose, you will have to use the section ID I've shown you earlier in this tutorial.

Also, you will have to do a little trick for the one page. When you're creating the one page, you will have a checkbox option to select the page that will use the one page menu (where you will use the ids).

Then you will need to create 2 different menus. One for the one-page and one for the rest of the pages (blog, etc) where you have to use just the id of the sections (first image below) and second where you need to specify the full URL, with the id at the end - that will be used for the rest of the pages - and you will see that in the second image below.

Other Shortcodes

There are few shortcodes not included in Visual Composer and that you may need to use. They are placed on the text editor of Wordpress and marked with blue color.

  • Icons

  • You can add 2 different icons : Font Awesome and IcoMoon. Use the classes from their websites.
  • Haze Colors

  • This is the 'HC' from the editor. You can use this classes : primary, secondary, primary-dark, secondary-dark and white.


Haze use 2 type of icons: Font Awesome and IcoMoon.

Go throw their website and find what icons suits you better. :)

Demo Data

Dummy data is located under the Demo Content folder of your archive.
There you have the demo-content of Haze and also the demo content for the Revolution Slider.

For Haze, go to Wordpress Dashboard, under the Tools->Import page. There select Wordpress and install the app if you don't have it already.

Here, select the .xml file and install the demo data. Now you are done! :)

For Revolution Slider, you have to go to its admin panel, and hit Import Slider button.

WPML Support

Haze offers support for WPML plugin. Be aware that this plugin is not provided by us, and you will have to buy it in order to use it : WPML Official.

  • Using .mo/.po files

  • Our theme provide .mo/.po language files in the /lang folder of the theme and you can use these files on WPML plugin. To use translation from a .mo file, choose the first option from the theme localization menu. The only thing that you need to specify is the text-domain that is 'haze' for our theme. You need to enter this value in the text domain field, so that WPML can load the translation file and assign it to the theme.

  • Translating the theme from within WPML

  • When WPML localization is selected (the 2nd option in the image above), WPML will scan the theme and find the texts that can be translated. It reports what it finds and let you enter translations, right from within WordPress.

    Click on Scan the theme for strings and WPML will go through all the files in the active theme and get translatable texts from them (texts that are wrapped with gettext functions).

    It shows how many strings were found in the theme and their translation status. To translate them, click on View strings that need translation. This will take you to the String translation page, where you can enter translation for each of the texts found in the theme.


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